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Montessori Environment In Chennai Schools

Montessori kids


GCC Schools have always endeavored with innovative interventions for strengthening the pre-primary and primary education system. During the early 1995-2000 Activity Based Learning (ABL) methodology was adopted to make education a joyful learning experience, and later with a view to strengthen it further, during the 2007-08 a team of 75 teachers were trained into Montessori system of education and were deployed under the pre-primary stream. Having ascertained the positive impact of the introduction of Montessori system, furthering its implementation in the GCC’s Schools have been considered within the CITIIS project.

Under the feasibility study, different modalities of training into Montessori system of education and establishment of Montessori environments have been considered. Under the CITIIS program, GCC is considering establishing 100 additional Montessori environments and training 100 more teachers into the Montessori system.