Mobility Smart Mobility

Smart mobility is a new and revolutionary way of thinking about how we get around — one that is cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Put another way, Neckermann calls this new vision: "Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents, Zero Ownership. "The concept of smart mobility includes a wide range of modes of transportation: kick scooters, bicycles (regular, electric, foldable), buses, light rail trains, subways, streetcars, taxis, autonomous vehicles, walking… the list is growing. Moreover, users have the option to own or share.

Smart mobility refers to using modes of transportation alongside or even instead of owning a gas-powered vehicle. This can take on many different forms, including ride-sharing, car-sharing, public transportation, walking, biking and more. The need for Smart mobility arose out of increasing traffic congestion and its related side effects, including pollution, fatalities and wasted time.