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Better Health And Hygiene Facilities

Toilet Construction

Environmental and social issues were given core importance in the project focusing to improve the sanitation and hygiene facilities. Therefore interventions such as, improved tap water supply through renovation of existing pipelines; construction of new toilets if needed with renovation of existing toilets; provision for sanitary pad dispensaries with efficient disposal methods; improved drainage facilities; rigorous water quality assessments to ensure safe non-toxic water in the Chennai Schools. Rainwater harvesting infrastructure will be assessed and necessary interventions would be taken to improve the rainwater harvest addressing water scarcity issues in the schools.

To ensure food and nutritional security among the students participating under various ongoing national and state schemes like the Mid Day Meals, and ICDS, sustainable innovative self-driven approaches have been planned. One such intervention is to enable students to establish, maintain, and utilise nutritional gardens at Chennai Schools in collaboration with some of the leading institutions including MS Swaminathan Research Foundation. Such interventions are expected to install nutritional consciousness among students and parents, and support instilling a self-driven culture of nutritional ownership of each individual.

Various environmental and social impact assessments were also conducted to ensure safe infrastructural interventions.