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Vertical garden comes up at G.N. Chetty Road flyover

The exercise may be extended to similar facilities in other parts of Chennai

Eight T-pillars at G.N. Chetty Road are encased in a metal framework, and all set to come to life with a dash of green and red. Plants in tiny pots hang from the bars on the metal framework. More plants are said to be on the way. It’s a vertical garden in the making, and this visual treat for road users is being offered as part of a project by Chennai Smart City Limited.Plants with red and green leaves are being sourced the project. The metal framework will ensure that the growth of the plants does not cause any damage to the structure of the flyover. The plants will be watered through drip irrigation.

A water sump has been built exclusively for this facility. “The prime aim of the project is to prevent advertisement posters and billboards from defacing the pillars. The entire project is being developed at a cost of ₹36 lakh; and it is a pilot project. If we could maintain it well, this concept will be extended to the other flyovers in the city,” says an official of the Chennai Corporation.Read More..